Nick Beggs

Bass, Stick, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals and Programming

Marco Minnemann

Drums, Percussion, Guitars and Sound Design.

Roger King

Keyboards, Guitars, Backing Vocals, Programming and Production.

The Mute Gods were conceived by Nick Beggs as an outlet for his writing during a period of extensive touring with Steve Hackett and Steven Wilson. The material was written and recorded in countless hotel rooms/back stage areas and dressing rooms around the world between 2013 and 2015.

On joining the Steve Hackett band in 2009, Nick and Roger King developed a synergy that was to develop further when The Mute Gods record was first discussed. “Roger’s strengths are my weaknesses” volunteers Beggs. “He has the ability to cast a steely eye of of clarity over material and bring out the best in a song.

Nick was subsequently introduced to Marco Minnemann when they first toured together in the Steven Wilson band during 2012. It was then they discussed the possibilities of working on a project together. “Marco is not only an amazing drummer, he is also a great guitarist, that’s why I gave him a free reign to play what ever he wanted on this record.

It was a tremendously joyful process recording for The Mute Gods album. And I sincerely want to thank Nick and Roger for letting me express myself so freely with all musical ideas I wanted to bring into the ‘Mute God’ universe. Much love… and I hope you enjoy listening to the album as much as I had the pleasure recording for it.” – Marco Minnemann

Additional guest appearances on the record are as follows: Lula Beggs, Frank Van Bogaert, Nick Dvirgilio, Adam Holtzman, Gary O’Toole, Rob Reed and Ricky Wilde.